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Tile Hub of India - Morbi

Morbi is a town that not only shines with palaces and other buildings of architectural importance. This is also the place where the best quality wall clocks are manufactured and exported all over the world! Well, if you are in time everywhere you go, you know whom to thank for it! Women workers are engaged in these watch and wall clock manufacturing units in Morbi. You will be surprised to learn that Morbi is famous for its ceramic tiles too!

Yes, various types of tiles are manufactured here which come in beautiful designs and patterns. These tiles are highly durable with a superb finish. They are also dimensionally precise and come in a wide range including elevation wall tiles, kitchen wall tiles, glossy wall tiles, vitrified tiles and metallic wall tiles. These tiles are not only transported from Morbi to different places in India but also exported to diverse countries all over the globe. New techniques are applied for manufacturing tiles to give consumers new and innovative options.


These ceramic manufacturing units have latest ceramic machinery and produce tiles and ceramic products that are strictly in accordance with international standards. These products cater to customer demands and aesthetics. Nowadays, Vitrified tiles come in stunning designs and vibrant as well as cool shades as per requirements of the customers. These tiles are indeed a combination of quality and beauty - both!

Every minute detail comprising of dimension in length, rectangular shape, surface flatness, water absorption, abrasion resistance, Moh's hardness, breaking strength, stain, chemical and frost resistance, thermal and moisture expansion and yes, glossiness are taken care of.

Superior quality ceramic glaze tiles manufactured in Morbi have takers all around the world! Continuous research work is done to augment the quality of ceramic glaze tiles with sharp vision on its marketability. Other ceramic products manufactured in Morbi include sanitary wares, glass wash basin/bowl, decorative roofing tiles, acrylic bath tub and bathroom accessories and fittings.

Ceramic industry

Morbi is the Ceramic Vitrified Tile Hub of India

Morbi is considered as the Ceramic Vitrified Tile Hub of India! Ceramic products are exported to Middle East and Africa too. Raw materials for production of tiles are available from Kutch and Rajasthan. Ceramic tiles can be used both in commercial as well as residential places. Customers use tiles in kitchen, bathroom, living room and other areas all around the house. These tiles make your office look clean and beautiful.

Ceramic or non-porcelain tiles are manufactured from red or white clay fired in a kiln. They have a distinct glaze, colour and pattern and can be used as floor or wall tiles. They are also comparatively softer and can be cut more easily than porcelain.

On the other hand, porcelain tile is made using dust pressed method from porcelain clay. Such a tile is smooth and impervious and lower water absorption rate. They are also frost-resistant and frost-proof.

Raw materials used for making tiles are various types of clay, quartz, sand, feldspar, talc, calcite, zinc oxide, barium carbonate, zirconium silicate and blinders, deflocculates and dyes etc.

After the procession of raw materials, the tiles are manufactured in various steps that include batching, mixing and grinding, spray-drying, forming, drying, glazing and firing. With automated machines in place in these ceramic units, all these steps are accomplished rather easily and fast.

When you visit Morbi, make sure to to visit one of these units and get first hand information on how these tiles are manufactured!

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