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Chronology of Morbi

Morbi an Historic City

Morbi came into being when Kayanji, the heir apparent of Kingdom of Kutch, had to leave his kingdom because of a family feud. He established Morbi in 1698 and made it independent of Kutch. However, it was his grandson Rawaji, fortified Morvi and expanded the territory. In fact, each king had some contribution in the development of the area. We will next, look into some of the important events that took place from 1870 onwards.

Morbi until 1870

1698: Kayanji, the son of the slain Kutch King Rao Ravaji, establishes Morbi as an independent state.

1734: Death of Kayanji; his son Aliyaji Kanyoji ascends the throne.

1739: Death of Aliyaji Kanyoji; Pachanji Ravaji becomes the next king.

1772: Death of Pachanji Ravaji; Waghji I Ravaji ascends the throne.

1783: Death of Waghji I Ravaji; Hamirji Waghji succeeds him,

1790: Death of Hamirji Waghji; Jyaji Waghji becomes the king.

1807: Morbi becomes a protectorate of the British

1820: Peace regains in the region after a period of continuous warfare.

1828: Death of Jyaji Waghji; Prithirajji Jyaji is coroneted as the next king; Ravaji II Prithirajji is born

1846: Death of Prithirajji Jyaji, Ravaji II Prithirajji becomes the king

1858: Waghji II Ravaji is born

17th February 1870: Death of Ravaji II Prithirajji and Waghji II Ravaji is declared the king.
Since Waghji II Ravaji was only twelve years old at the time of his father’s death, a regent was appointed by the British Government to rule in his name.

Morbi after 1870:

A new era started after the death of Prithirajji Jyaji. As regents ruled the state in his name, Waghji II Ravaji was sent to school in Rajkot that had been opened especially the princes. Such schooling had immense effect on the future of Morvi. Let us next look at some of the events that took place between 1870 and 1947:

1876: Birth of Lakhdirjee, son of WaghjiII Ravaji.

1879: Waghji II Ravaji becomes the official ruler and takes up welfare measures such as building roads, bridges, schools, hospitals.

1886: Railway line is constructed in Morbi.

1887: Morbi is raised to the status of First Class State and Waghji II Ravaji becomes Sir Waghji Ravaji

11th July 1922: Death of Waghji II Ravaji; his son Lakhdirji ascends the throne. He also takes u many welfare measures and the state prospered under his rule. During his tenure, city’s first power station and telephone exchange was established.

1st January, 1930: Lakhdirji is conferred with Knighthood and he becomes Sir Lakhdir ji.

Morbi after 1947:

As India became independent on 15th August, 1947, a new chapter started in the chronology of Morbi.

Sir Lakhdirji signs the treaty of accession to the Indian Union, which was still a dominion of British Empire. He abdicates in favor of his eldest son Mahendrasinhiji.

1948: Morbi becomes a part of Kathiawar District (which was later known as Saurashtra) in the union of India. Maharaja Mahendrasinhji becomes the titular ruler of Morbi enjoying the Privy Purse offered by the Government of India.

1956: Morbi, along with rest of Saurashtra, becomes a part of Bombay State.

1st May 1960: Bombay is bifurcated into Gujarat and Maharashtra. Morbi becomes a part of Gujarat and a taluka under Rajkot District.

11th August, 1979:  Wall of Machuchu Dam 2 collapses and the town is flooded killing thousands of men and women.

26th January, 2001: A killer earthquake strikes the town and more than 250 people die; many more are injured. Many of the town’s historical buildings are badly damaged in this earth quake

15th August, 2013: Morbi becomes a separate district; Morbi city becomes its administrative headquarters.

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