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Most Famous Snacks from the Streets of Morbi

Morbi is located in the vicinity of Gandhinagar in the Indian state of Gujarat, which is renowned for the use of excessive sugar in its cuisine. In such scenario, people love snacks from time to time to give their taste buds a total change from the regular flavours of the region. People of Morbi prepare a lot of snacks in their own authentic way at their home and some even sell these snacks to the locals in the market. A lot of Morbi snacks are available in the market and are very easy to make. However, before giving them a try in yor kitchen, yu must enjoy the same in their authentic city by visiting there.

Bread Bataka

Snacks from the Streets of Morbi

Bread batake is one of the most famous street foods of Morbi. People love to have this snack in their morning breakfast especially. A lot of sellers sell this dish every morning in the markets. It is also known by the name of Tikhi Bread among the locals. Potato is known as Bataka in Gujarat and that is why this dish is prepared by bread and potatoes. Other ingredients used in the dish include dry red chillies, cloves, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, water, oil, salt, garlic – ginger paste, green chilli paste, grated coconut, turmeric powder, lemon juice and green coriander. Breads are served with potatoes and potato water to give this dish a unique effect.

Fried Baingan

Snacks from the Streets of Morbi

It is another specialty of Morbi street food. Eggplant is the main ingredient of this dish and other ingredients include gram flour, semolina, salt, water, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, soda bi-carb, tamarind and dates condiment, garlic condiment, green condiment, chopped coriander and pomegranate seeds, The dish is very easy to make and the eggplants are deep fried after dipping in the batter of gram flour and semolina.


Snacks from the Streets of Morbi

Ghughra is a popular Morbi street food. Ingredients used in this dish include plain flour, semolina, oil and salt to make the dough for pastry, while boiled and mashed green peas and potato, oil, cumin seeds, sugar, asofoetida, ginger and green chilli paste, chopped coriander, lemon juice and salt are used for the stuffing. These pastries are filled with the stuffing mixture and needs to be deep fried before serving.

Khasta Kachori

Snacks from the Streets of Morbi

Khasta Kachori is one of the most delicious street food of Morbi. A crispy layer of Kachori is stuffed with moong dal and spices. Ingredients used in the dish include moong dal, red chili powder, fennel seeds, garama masala powder,dry mango powder, asofeotida, oil, salt, refined flour and cooking soda. For the serving of the dish coriander condiment, dates and tamarind condiment, thick curd, masala peanuts, sev, coriander and pomegranate seeds are used.


Snacks from the Streets of Morbi

Dhokla is not only famous in Morbi, but entire Gujarat state of India. It is one of the most popular dishes of entire nation. This sweet and sour dish attracts everyone towards it. Main ingredients to prepare the batter include gram flour, semolina, lemon juice, Eno fruit salt, crushed green chillies and ginger, water, curd, oil and salt. To temper the cooked batter oil, curry leaves, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, sugar, green chillies, chopped coriander leaves, coconut, asofoetida and water are needed.

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