Wall Clock Hub Morbi

You must have seen musical clocks, decorative clocks, wall clocks and digital clocks. Look closely and the ones you really like for their quality and workmanship have been manufactured in Morbi in Gujarat! Morbi (in district Morbi) is also famous for ceramic industries and paper industries.

The clock industry has provided employment to thousands of people here. These clocks are designed to give full value for the customer's money and are available in different shapes and sizes. The digital clocks come with many more features which include recording of temperature, humidity and time, calendar and battery check-up. Companies that manufacture clocks in Morbi have a network of retail outlets for proper sales and distribution of their product all over India.

Wooden clocks

Morbi is a Wall Clock Production Hub

Morbi is considered as the wall clock production hub of India. There are many such clock manufacturing units in Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad too and these are strong contenders of industrial units based in Morbi. High transportation costs (owing to high fuel prices) and heavy taxes (high Value Added Tax - VAT) are two major factors which have to be overcome to woo more customers in Morbi. The manufacturers also have to compete with clocks manufactured in China and sold in India at cheaper rates.

Many workers who worked for clock manufacturers have changed over to ceramics and paper industries while several have migrated to Rajkot and Ahmedabad for work as sales have dropped by nearly 75% today! About ten years back, more than 1 lakh clocks were sold per day in Morbi! However, still, there are more than a hundred units which manufacture clocks in Morbi.

Tick-Tock Back to Business

Samay clocks, Sonera industries, Ajanta clocks and Sonam Quartz are clock manufacturing companies based in Morbi. They are leaders in the clock manufacturing industry. Clocks from these industries are sold in India and even exported to various parts of the globe. Shipments are even sent to Middle-East and East Asia.

Well, a few improvements can speed up manufacturing as well as business of wall clocks in Morbi. A few of these are listed below -
  • Reduction of VAT by State Government.
  • Small Business loans to manufacturers.

Women Keeping Pace with Time in Morbi

You will be surprised to learn that workers working in these clock industries are mainly women! Yes, it is the women from neighbouring villages who have made the city a place to reckon with as far as manufacturing of clocks is concerned. The main feature of clocks manufactured in Morbi are good quality, reliability, durability, endurance, robust infrastructure, state-of-the-art machinery and specialization. There are designer clocks and beautiful joint-free wooden clocks - all manufactured using best quality wooden and glass products.


Stringent quality tests are conducted on finished products in the presence of experts in this field. Skilled and dedicated professionals have been in this trade for a long time now. They have the requisite experience to steer the clock industry forward towards success. Customer satisfaction remains the main priority and the safe and timely delivery of clocks has also earned them a high place in the minds of their customers - especially the trust of their clients.

Clock Industry has Contributed to the Economy of Morbi

The clock industry in Morbi has contributed significantly in the economy of this place.Today, Morbi rules the domain of Digital clocks in India. The methods and designs used here are absolutely unique and the clocks thus produced are a blend of beauty, dignity, form and style. Minute details are given utmost attention. The designs are unique and come with a flawless finish. Quality remains the real hallmark. Well, Morbi is bound to rule time today and always - thanks to its clock manufacturing units which are steered forward with women power!
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